The Natural Hair Revolution – my hairstory

Natural hair seems to be the new black, not sure if it’s a natural hair revolution, trend or movement Continue reading

Fun on a Budget – Monte Casino Birds Garden

For some funny reason when I was doing my budget for the month April, the long weekend totally slipped my mind. Yes, it did, I knew there was Easter coming up in a few weeks but I forgot to allocate funds for the holiday. It sounds funny but it is true. All I was thinking about when I was planning for Easter was sleeping, eating, sleeping and couching. Continue reading

We survived the first term – school is out!

School is out and woohoo we survived the first term *does a victory dance*. It is just a few more days before schools close for the first term and I’m glad to say we made it. It seems like yesterday when schools opened and I was all overwhelmed and 3 months later holidays are here. Continue reading

Wait, there is still more to know…

Well for a very long time I have always wanted to document and/or share my joys, petty issues, my achievements with people (whoever cares to listen, lol). Continue reading

Hello hello!

Welcome to my world, my world revolves around a whole lot of things, make-up fashion, food, wine,  and mainly chasing my dreams and chasing my boys in heels. My life is a organised chaos

Sit back relax, it’s going to be funny, It will get soapy but I promise to keep you coming back for more :-).



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