Well for a very long time I have always wanted to document and/or share my joys, petty issues, my achievements with people (whoever cares to listen, lol). Well thanks:-( to my course facilitator, Zinhle from Red and Yellow. Our assignment for this week (3rd week of March 2017) required us to create a blog and share it on two other platforms, and well here I am (yaay created mine *insert air-punch*). The instruction was “anything to do with your professional or personal life. Consider broad topics like your hobbies, interests, professional skills, business, or something you feel you could create ongoing content around. Be sure to add something unique to make your blog stand out”.  After reading the assignment brief/instructions I did not think twice, parenting it was. I chose parenting because it is very close to my heart so is my career.  
Parenting is a sweet and sour journey most of you will know this. Whether you are a parent or not it could be from watching people around you or in the rearview mirror of your life especially the childhood part of it. Or it could be also by being an uncle or aunt. All these instances will make you experience parenting one way or the other and remember babysitting your friend’s child or your niece or nephew, that is parenting ? in another form.

The first and major title I hold is mom, mom, mom, mom, mom (as my kids call me – like a 100 thousand times before saying what they want which is usually two words after calling my name 20 times – comes with the job *sighs*). I am a mom to two intelligent, independent, handsome, and equally naughty boys (6 & 2) big brother E and baby E.  People close to me have heard enough about them – they even know how many teeth each has haha, that’s who I am, I lurveeee them to bits and that is not changing anytime soon. My boys are my world but at the same time, we have times when we are water and oil. They have very different personalities I cannot really tell who takes after who. I would love to believe my youngest (baby E), takes after me he has lotsa energy, some days I can’t keep up and he also has a mind of his own. My first born (big brother E) is quite chilled, calculative and inquisitive typa guy, so much into TV and gadgets (i guess it comes with age) and he definitely takes after his dad. We gonna be talking more about them in more blogs posts to follow. Be prepared I a can go on and on and on and on and on and on….

Besides being a parent by day I am a goal digger, I am a career woman, always on the go, always looking for ways to be better than who I was the day before. I am always quite informed about industry events, I attend most of them. I am employed full-time, I am into Digital Marketing my job involves more of content marketing, a bit of SEO, a hint of social media, a dash of Web analytics, I am a digi-mom and I love it. To a certain point, I am a consumer and a marketer so I know how consumers behave and I apply that to my work life just to meet your (consumers) needs and entice you into buying something. I love the digital space, I am on almost all social media platforms and active.

I would love to say I am a creative all-rounder (thinking and hands-on), I was born a creative :-). I have a small business I run outside my working hours. I make contemporary African inspired clutch bags, accessories, clothes and more. I will talk more about business in blog posts to follow. My bubuz Shaina Bespoke Collections is about a year old now. It has been challenging and eye-opening. Being an entrepreneur whilst you have an 8-5, you have to study and help your kid with homework is hard-work on its own. But because of the love, dreams and visions you have for the business, you always find ways to make it work.

Last but not least I am a student, (i have been a student since the day I left high school), I am currently studying for a BA in Communication Science. I also have other online courses running concurrently with my beloved BA.

Well, I never thought I could write something this long, all that being said. You ask why “Parenting in Heels”?. As mentioned before the blog represents two aspects of my life that are close to my heart that is parenting and my career. Parenting to me is raising my boys, actually, i  don’t refer to it as raising my boys, but raising Di, they are raising and changing me in a good way, my priorities have changed and I don’t make decisions for me anymore. The heels part of the story represents my career and business, who I am when I’m not yelling my lungs out. The heels represent how I am climbing the corporate ladder one step at a time and how I am building my business, how I am negotiating deals with shops to stock my merchandise. Ooopsie did I mention I love fashion and make-up – the heels part in the name of the blog lol ;).  Will unpack more as the blogging goes. If I have to talk about my love for WINE it will take you 3 more hours of reading, just know I love wine…

In short, Di loves E&E, her career, her business/crafts, shoes, makeup and WINE – you see I have to balance all this in heels – so far so good if you ever forget my name call me Supermom.

Parenting in Heels – It’s a Balancing Act

Ah i’m tired, i gotta stop here, *updates all her social media pages, adds blogger to the list haha *