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financial literacy for kids

Financial Literacy for Kids: How I am Teaching Mine

Wealth creation starts with respect for money and respect for money starts with financial literacy.  Respect for your money is being responsible with your earnings and that responsibility…


My Love for you…

It’s been a while since I have posted anything. I always have a story to tell about my AWOLs. But  I am fine I am doing well. I…


My May – In a nutshell

May May May May! In a nutshell it is my favourite month of the year or of all time if there is something like that. I love May…

Monte Casino Parrots -fun on a budget

Fun on a Budget – Monte Casino Birds Garden

For some funny reason when I was doing my budget for the month April, the long weekend totally slipped my mind. Yes, it did, I knew there was…

school kids in class

We survived the first term – school is out!

School is out and woohoo we survived the first term *does a victory dance*. It is just a few more days before schools close for the first term…