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financial literacy for kids

Financial Literacy for Kids: How I am Teaching Mine

Wealth creation starts with respect for money and respect for money starts with financial literacy.  Respect for your money is being responsible with your earnings and that responsibility…


WCW : I crush hard on Makupsy

Hey Lovelies (still looking for a good catchy name for yáll). I hope I find you well, I have been fine but busy as hell, with what I…


God, how did I get here? : My story as a young widow

God how did I get here? Why are we here? Are these the plan you have for me?But God I am jobless, pregnant, I have a 3 year…


Woman Crush Wednesday

There is nothing that gives me so much joy in my heart and a wide smile on my face than seeing women celebrate each other. I love meaningful…

supermommy, standing tall, walk tall, parenting in heels, folder over clutch bag, superpower

Wait, there is still more to know…

Well for a very long time I have always wanted to document and/or share my joys, petty issues, my achievements with people (whoever cares to listen, lol).


Hello hello!

Welcome to my world, my world revolves around a whole lot of things, make-up fashion, food, wine,  and mainly chasing my dreams and chasing my boys in heels….