My May – In a nutshell

May May May May! In a nutshell it is my favourite month of the year or of all time if there is something like that. I love May because it is my birthday month. Well well I guess some of you thought I had already quit blogging after a mere three months of existence. Hell No! I will not quit not now and not anytime soon but I was super swamped you will actually feel sorry for me. I will try and unpack my month of May for you guys. It was super exciting with a bit of adrenaline. It was a true test of my supermommying skills. Lets see if I passed.

The birthday – My birthday falls on the 11th day of May, for some reason every year my life stalls from the first day of May until the 11th midnight. I just get this mental block, I can’t seem to do or plan anything tangible until my birthday passes. My mind works overtime during this period from planning what I am going to wear, what I am going to do and guessing what my friends are planning, what my loved ones are getting me
(I love receiving). I am always looking forward to that annual “be a good girl” call from mommy, hey mommy can we change the script I am a big girl now :-). I am a very expectant person and those close to me never disappoint because they know how special my birthday is to me. 

My love for wine, smh *bad pic quality sorry*

My birthday is very special to me, it signifies a new year for me. I make my goals for the new year ahead, review ones I had set the previous year. It’s a time to reflect where I am going and where I am coming from.  It’s one day I don’t care and do not read the food labels. I swear I gain 5kgs on the 11th of May every year. This year my colleagues spoiled me rotten, I love these ladies too much, they stuffed me with gazillion cupcakes, lunch , presents and wine all in one day. On another note I think they just wanted to ruin my body (I see you bisheees) all that said it was a beautiful day. 

I love May because my birthday falls a few days before Mother’s Day, I am surrounded by love and attention during that week , it’s not like I am complaining I love it. With every year that passes by Mother’s Day is becoming very special because my boys are growing. The handmade cards are becoming more meaningful and neat. I can’t wait for that breakfast in bed or that trip to Dubai for Mother’s Day in a couple of years to come, courtesy of my kids (don’t forget I dream in HD). Well this year my boys took me out for pizza at Papachinnos, but I paid for the pizza hahaha, talk about joint effort. I attended a Mothers Day assembly at my son’s school, damn I am teary person, as the kids started doing their poems and songs I got a bit emotional. I love being a mother, I love May! 

The Fashion Show – As the birthday and Mothers Day festivities died down I came back to “life”. My baby Shaina made her debut at the Soweto Fashion Week on the 27th of May. The preparations to the show were insane, insane is actually an understatement. Between putting my samples together, attending rehearsals and working full time I was still a mom. This was a true test of my parenting in heels, I had to make it work and it worked but very draining. This was my first fashion show and big event for my brand. I had the opportunity to work with seasoned designers and models it was a learning curve for my brand and me as an individual. It was also a great opportunity to put my brand on the map, show the world what Shaina is all about. I had to tell my story using accessories. I really loved styling the models. One thing I loved and learnt about a fashion shows is that it’s all about the designer, the ball is in your court from start to finish. You choose your own models, you style them, you choose your music and you direct how you want them to walk and how they will present your garments/accessories when on the ramp. I really enjoyed every minute of this experience. Power is sweet maan no wonder, they don’t let go easily #straightface

Web Cape

Cage Cape – work of my hands

I am a keyboard giant, the keyboard makes me look like a clever person and IG stills makes me look like i got my ish together when in real life I am a very shy person. I didn’t know what to do during “my walk” on the ramp. My very supportive friends screaming and the light right in my eyes and a full auditorium cheering, It was the longest minute of my life. I am very grateful to WEE, Bonnie, Zoe, Samantha, Tariro and my young sister Lizzy for making it to Soweto on a cold evening to support the dream. Here is a full video of my show, I will have another blog post about my business.  PS I love the song playing in the video for reasons better known to everyone *toungeout* . Mercedes Benz Fashion week here I come!

Road to Dr Diana – The road to Dr Diana hasn’t been an easy one. I’m lying I am putting a plug at Honours Level. Being a student mom has shown me flames. On the 26th of May (night before the Fashion Show) I submitted an exam portfolio, 27th was the fashion show, 29th exam, 1st June exam. I don’t know how I did but all I can say is it can only be God. I remember sleeping for an hour waking up to read then it was sleep read sleep read night and day for about 4 days. At one point I was a zombie. As a reward from the Gods I found the exams “ëasy” or was it I read, I am not sure but I am very positive about my exams. I am anxiously waiting for my results in order to close this degree chapter of my life. I am still thinking if I should proceed with higher education, It’s not easy being a student mom. Will see how it goes in the coming months.

Now that school is out, I don’t know what to do with myself. I have found myself sitting on the couch from 5:30’pm till 11 pm watching TV. That’s not healthy at all! I have been feeling lazy to sit on my sewing machine and work (we all have those days).  Let’s hope that the laziness feeling goes away soon and productivity kicks in. On the other hand now that school is out, I hope to be blogging more, like I said before Garfield and myself are cut from the same cloth all you can do for me is pray.

PS Did I mention that I also had a bad flue after all that said above. (so that you feel more sorry for me for not blogging). Did I also mention I am designing my website, *please don’t laugh*

Till the next blog soon, chao 

Washe xoxo.


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