We survived the first term – school is out!

School is out and woohoo we survived the first term *does a victory dance*. It is just a few more days before schools close for the first term and I’m glad to say we made it. It seems like yesterday when schools opened and I was all overwhelmed and 3 months later holidays are here.  I remember his first day at school he looked ready, smart, excited, and confident.  On the other hand, I looked all teary (I actually shed a tear or two but don’t tell anyone) and worried that I was going to be leaving my baby behind the whole day.

It kinda broke my heart that he was not bothered by my presence and my wanting to make his first-day memorable by taking selfies *hides*. I felt a jab in my heart when I waved bye and he waved back 🙁  with a very big smile, what happened to my little who used to cry when I wave. His first day of school was one of the longest days of my life, the very morning the principal had told us school finishes at 1, but helicopter mom was there at 12:30 hahaha. 

It has been an anxious long term for me from the day schools opened until today. My anxiety stems from the mommy in me and denial that my baby is a big boy, I am always thinking has he eaten his lunch, is he not being bullied, is he coping, is he a good friend, and many more “fears”. It is hard as a parent to see your not-so- baby baby grow up right in front of your eyes and let them go.  But anyways I’m sure as the days go by it will sink in and I will let him be a big boy he is.   FFWD the term is coming to an end and,

We survived:

Waking up early on a Saturdays for sport, hey school Saturdays are meant for resting not 7:30 sports for Grade 1’s, the only positives about these mornings was they allowed the siblings to join and the frozen yoghurt they give us.

The endless smses, letters notes, you name it from school and endless meetings in the first month, always trying to beat traffic in the evening because you have a school meeting to attend.

Early bedtime, I am very strict on bedtime and luckily he has adhered to our bedtime without threats, so waking up has not been a problem and all term long we have never had a grumpy morning except when he is not in the breakfast mood and I have to force him.

Little brother screaming to come with us every morning, January was so terrible for the little brother but now he has adjusted he waves and blows kisses when we leave every morning.

Having to check his homework daily and sign. The first few weeks were terrible I would forget my mommy responsibilities, so we put a rule that the moment I pull into the driveway the homework book should be ready. So the first thing I do daily is to check if his homework has been done correctly, sign then everything else will follow.

Morning traffic, yups we survived that monster and at times it has been a blessing in disguise because when we are stuck in traffic that’s when we get to catch up, plan our weekends, build sand castles in the air, get to sing off key without any care. There are days when the slow moving traffic gets to him, I am told to buy a Maserati because it is fast and we would not be stuck in traffic *rolls eyes*

Pocket money, every now and then we have money literacy lessons to this end we agreed (or I imposed) that he can only have tuckshop money on Fridays. I am trying to teach him the value of money. If I give him tuckshop money every day, what will happen when I do not have the money. So far our plan has been working well so far.

Lunchbox, oh my good Lord, this is one thing I hate. Because I am raising two fussy eaters and I have to pack 3 lunch boxes every day, I run out of ideas, but well here we are we survived. I am hoping to get more ideas please hook me up.

School-run, I’m not going to say anything about this, you know the headless chicken drill because you have to rush back to work, but we survived.


The good

My son can read a few simple sentences and do basic Maths. I have actually nicknamed him Genius he is very good in Maths that he does all his Maths homework for the week every Monday afternoon.  I have seen improvements in conversations, we have mature conversations and well-thought questions during our drive to school. Big school has taught my son responsibility, he packs his sports bag daily on his own, makes sure his shoes are polished and his books are packed, I give him a 100% for that he is doing well. Genius is a very sportish person and he is enjoying his sports so much especially tennis and soccer. Yaaaay at least we do not have to pay extra monies for extra-curricular activities.


The bad

Loosing things grrrr! On his first day of school we marked every single thing that belonged to him and we had a long conversation on looking after his belongings but well kids will be kids. He lost his school cap, his swimming towel, his lunch box the list is endless. This stuff is very expensive because it is branded and you can only get it from the school shop.


The ugly

Well there is no ugly and it should stay this way


School holiday

Now that the school holiday is here, what to do with this little person? Should he watch TV till he drops, do I take him for holiday activities or first term is just for relaxing? I honestly do not remember what I used to do during school holiday.  Now that school is let me start preparing for term two to avoid the last minute back to school rush.


Until next term, happy holidays




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  1. Great article. Keep up the good work.

  2. Tambu Jebison

    Loved your article a lot.As a parent I have learnt a lot heey.You are a great mum dear.

  3. marvelous

    Lovely, let genius rest and watch TV til he drops…

  4. Love following your journey… you sound just like me… besotted and proud. Here’s to him and you catching your goals xoxo

  5. Good job D; u are one proud mum!

  6. Tafadzwa Man'ozho

    Aaaaaahhh what a great read!!!!

  7. Good article!! Pretty much my story

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