Hey Lovelies (still looking for a good catchy name for yáll). I hope I find you well, I have been fine but busy as hell, with what I don’t know. I always have a lot to share but putting “pen to paper” is a problem. 

You know I am in the digital marketing field but at times the technology can just be something else or maybe we can blame it on the wine. This post was supposed to be a reblog just like a retweet on Twitter (of this post) from her blog to my blog but he banna I don’t know what de happen now o, so I had to put a new, fresh post and do edits, but anyways we are here

I had promised you a WCW series but well well things happen I have not been able to do that. It’s only a few times you crush on someone and they genuinely crush back on you, like real crushing like krrriii kra kra crush. I was Makupsy’s  WCW, I crush hard on this girl, no homo! I have been following her blog for a number of years now, way before I became a wanna be blogger, I am today.

The main and major reason I love and crush hard on her is her free-spiritedness *insert Killer T song here*– Zimbos will understand this better. She is my spirit animal, she is living my life. You can tell from the images she posts from her social media comments and engagements that she is a lovely and confident woman. Moving over to her writing – she writes from her heart no-holds-barred kinda cash talk, she calls a spade a spade. Myself coming from rich/strong cultural and christian background, I was raised never to speak about sex, I’m sure this applies to most of us . It is taboo or should I say people shy away to talk about sex – but Makupsy does. Makupsy talks about love, sex, relationships, her experiences etc freely. I used to be that person who could talk about everything and anything until life happened. I used to be very liberal like Makupsy. She talks about everything and anything that comes to her mind.

The second reason why I crush on her is because she is my blogger crush. This woman is so consistent with her blog. I post at most two posts per month but  she post as often as possible. During the month of September she initiated a blogging challenged, like a-blog-a-day, this is how dedicated and committed she is. Her posts are very diverse from personal, fitness, guest bloggers, to personal stuff. As if her lifestyle blog is not enough to keep her busy, she has another blog – FitnessBae where it’s all thing fitness.  If you are in Harare be sure to follow her for some weekend activities and events.

Fitness Bae

She started her fitness journey right in front of my eyes. She is a very dedicated fitness fanatic. I love her spirit, she doesn’t give up. I have tried to join all her challenges from blogging to fitness journey but commitment and me are water and oil. This girl is my spirit animal – she is living my life, I would love to be liberal again, I love to blog like her, I would love to run daily like her but there can only be one Makupsy. Keep pushing, keep doing what you doing you motivate me so much. one day I will wear that crop top, I will have that 6 pack like you, I will blog until kingdom come. I hope to meet her one of these fine days.

PS : Did i mention she is a naturalista – the list keeps getting long 🙂

Be sure to follow her on her blog and social media

Lifestyle Blog : https://makupsy.wordpress.com

Fitness Blog: https://fitnessbaeblog.wordpress.com

Instagram : @makupsy

Twitter : @makupsy

Facebook : Ma Kupsy


Stay blessed