There is nothing that gives me so much joy in my heart and a wide smile on my face than seeing women celebrate each other. I love meaningful WCWs 🙂 btw meaningful is relative but you know what I mean right. One compliment can go a long way, it can bring light into someone’s gloomy day. It can give someone the confidence to put-on their big gal pants.

We are living in the social media age where  people do things for social media currency which is likes and/or RTs. People can pass hurtful comments (knowingly or unknowingly) just to get likes without thinking of “subject”. Most times women are  saying nasty things to the next one, nothing encouraging comes out of their mouth.  The term used for this type of “behaviour” is PHD syndrome, which stands for Pull Her Down. As a very active on social media person I have witnessed cruel comments towards other women because of how they are dressed, their make-up or their bodies. It’s either they are too big or too small, their eyebrows are not even, they have a fake weave or fake clothes, SO WHAT.   Some comments leave a lot to be desired. Yes there are men who also have this syndrome but today I am focusing on women. 

Constructive conversations are a thing of the past, not that they do not exist anymore but they are a few as compared to the rate of gossip and other silly trends.  I am for change and change requires action!

I have decided to share with you or celebrate people who inspire me in my life. So every Wednesday I will put up a blog post on WCW. (Sidenote: this means I will have to blog every Wednesday whoop whoop yaay, since I hardly blog.) I will celebrate women in my life, from my friends, relative, felebs, celebs and even kids. I am still deciding on how many women to feature 5 or 10 in each post. These women are women who inspire me in different spheres of my life, from my career, fashion, social media, my personal life to parenting.

My aim is to bring a smile to the next woman, tell her something nice. The ones I don’t know or who don’t know me will not know I wrote about them but the one reading will be inspired. There is a Shona saying that goes like “mhandu yemukadzi mukadzi” which means that the enemy of a woman is a woman. I am here to change that notion to WCW. Tell the next woman her worth, tell her something nice, tell her something encouraging. A candle looses nothing by lighting another. 

My inaugural WCW goes to the “Squad” – you will get to know them one by one soon. A group of like minded women, a bunch of goal getters, a troop of goal diggers. I am part of the Squad proud to be associated with these business minded ladies – let me not pre-empty a lot about this tribe. 

I am all about love, I am all about women. 

Here is to strong women, may we know them, may we raise them, may we be them – unknown